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Zeus - Units rejecting items
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An interesting bug surfaced recently in Zeus, showing up at random times.

When an AI unit is given any sort of weapon via scripts (meaning both addItem/Weapon/etc and the new Virtual Arsenal module), it may randomly "reject" the item. I have seen this happen with optics, backpacks, and launchers, but I suspect that further investigation would reveal that this can happen for any item.

Once added, the new item will appear on the unit as it should.
However, after about 1-2 seconds, the item spontaneously disappears.

I also suspect another issue stems from the same:
Sometimes when using the Arsenal to *remove* items (and I assume console scripting too), the item will disappear for a couple seconds, and then reappear.

It seems as if every few seconds, the unit's normal loadout is forced upon them, replacing any lost items and removing any added ones.


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