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Ground Effect with Helicopters
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I was testing the new dev version with RotorLib integrating. First of all, I need to congratulations you for the great impruvement that was made. But I noticed that there is no ground effect being simulated. Would be very good if you simulate the ground effect during: approaches, landings and hovering. It will improve a lot the simulation, without question!

Thank you for your time and attention.


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It would be awesome to see Vortex Ring State effects aswell.

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I would like to correct you: Ground effect IS being simulated, however the difference in power required between IGE and OGE is negligable, very minor differences in collective position. The overall wind effects appear to be marginal, as effective translation lift which is a huge boost in power availiable from forward flight simply isnt happening. I have a ticket on this too.

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Worldsprayer, I think poorly modeled translation lift from forward velocity is the one of the fundamental missing elements in the sim-model atm. So many other dynamics depend on it. This one too.