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AI side relations are messed up - civilians hostile to blufor when indfor is hostile to everyone/friend to opfor
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If you set Independent forces as friend to no one or as friend to opfor civilian side somehow takes over these settings.
If IND are friendly to OPFOR civilians will flee when they see blufor units.
If IND are friendly to no one civilians will flee when they see blufor units.
Only if IND is friendly to BLUFOR civilians are friendly to BLUFOR.

This can't possibly be intended behavior. BLUFOR should always receive friendly reactions from civilians (at least that's how it has been in the past games of the arma series)


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Place BLUFOR rifleman as player in the editor.
Place Civilian in front of the rifleman so he can see the rifleman.
Set side relations of IND in the intel window to friend to opfor.
Watch how the civilian is fleeing.
Set side relations to friendly to no one and see the same happening.

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Not to mention if you're enemy to Civilian you can't open ammo boxes.

Checked it again, it's still borked.
You can try it out for yourselfs with this little snippet:

_sidearray = [blufor,opfor,independent,civilian];

_getenemies = [_x] call BIS_fnc_enemysides;
systemchat format ["Enemies of %1: %2",str _x,_getenemies];

}foreach _sidearray;

Then set the independent behavior in the advanced intel tab.
Indfor friendly to Blufor:
"Enemies of WEST: [EAST]"
"Enemies of EAST: [WEST,GUER]"
"Enemies of GUER: [EAST]"
"Enemies of CIV: [EAST]"

So far, so good, working as expected.
This is where things start getting weird.

Indfor friendly to Opfor:
"Enemies of WEST: [EAST,GUER]"
"Enemies of EAST: [WEST]"
"Enemies of GUER: [WEST]"
"Enemies of CIV: [WEST]"
How the heck are civilians hostile to WEST? Doesn't make any sense.
Shouldn't blufor be the good guys for civilians per definition?

Indfor friendly to Everyone:
"Enemies of WEST: [EAST]"
"Enemies of EAST: [WEST]"
"Enemies of GUER: []"
"Enemies of CIV: []"
Weirdly civilians are now somehow friendly to opfor.

Indfor friendly to Nobody:
"Enemies of WEST: [EAST,GUER]"
"Enemies of EAST: [WEST,GUER]"
"Enemies of GUER: [EAST,WEST]"
"Enemies of CIV: [EAST,WEST]"
Now all of a sudden civilians are hostile to both opfor and blufor but NOT to indfor, even if indfor is set as friendly to nobody.

This is making it extremely hard to have 3 hostile factions without having civilian faction acting weird to the good guys.

Does that make any sense to anyone?

I thought civilians flee when they see anyone with a weapon?

No, usually only when opfor is around.
So setting Indfor to either friendly to opfor or friendly to nobody will make civilians run away from blufor. Which shouldn't happen in any case at all, since blufor will never be a threat to civilians, according to the definition.

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I think it should happen. Beacuse civilians should try to find cover from warfare like in real life, so if they see anybody with rifle, they should escape

This ticket is not about if civilians should flee or not, it is about the nonsensical state of side relations between civilians and blufor.