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Can't activate Arsenal in ammo boxes as Zeus
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In singleplayer tampering with Zeus, after setting gear to negative/infinite, Arsenal still can't be accessed.


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Virtual Arsenal
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to editor
  2. Place yourself as Zeus
  3. Place ammo box
  4. Set items to negative/infinite
  5. Try to access Arsenal and fail
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This only seems to be in dev right now. Also, someone else tried entering the code in editor to call Arsenal with an ammobox and it didn't work for them either. Link to forum thread:

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I think this has made it onto stable by now - I'm currently experiencing it in 1.30.127372

This is not an issue, the Arsenal Module from the Zeus UI is not meant for items, only soldiers. You can however, create a script for certain containers [on a loop] to always have the Virtual Arsenal Available.

If you are talking about the boxes that allow you to change gear inside while they are on the ground, I think the items inside are only faction specific. So if you place a Katiba, a Blufor player cannot retrieve those items, unless you are using the correct container.

@Drakeziel: This issue stands as reported, I think you just misunderstood the issue.

This isn't about the 'Zeus Module' that a zeus player can drag onto a unit in order to open the arsenal UI on that unit.

This *is* about the ammo-box UI that Zeus can use to modify ammo-boxes.
In this UI, setting an items count to "infinity" should add it to the ammo-box's virtual inventory as well as add a "Virtual Arsenal" addAction.

"side" or "faction" of items/units does not play a role for this or any other interaction with bis_fnc_arsenal.