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Make setVariable work on all types of Controls
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This says that setVariable works on Controls, but it does not.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. execute this:

_control setVariable ["MyValueName", _value];
diag_log text format ["%1, value = %2, control value = %3", _control, _value, _control getVariable "MyValueName"];

  1. check RPT file, it will say:

Control #..., value = ..., control value = <null>

instead of

Control #..., value = ..., control value = ...

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Confirmed. It is supposed to work:

"b:NAMESPACE setvariable ARRAY"
"b:CONTROL setvariable ARRAY" <= here
"b:OBJECT setvariable ARRAY"
"b:GROUP setvariable ARRAY"
"b:TEAM_MEMBER setvariable ARRAY"
"b:TASK setvariable ARRAY"
"b:LOCATION setvariable ARRAY"

But it doesnt

After further investigation, CONTROL is limited to map control, and not just any map but static editor map control, whatever this is. So not a bug really, just useless functionality.

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Why do you think this is not a bug? This feature is documented and very useful because one can assign value to a control instance so that value lifetime matches control's lifetime (like RAII). What is workaround for this issue? Globals? Monads?

It is not a bug because there is no provision for all controls, just a particular one. I can change this ticket to Feature Request for you