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Private Server re-broken
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Seemingly after what seemed to be a BI server crash "502 Bad Gateway" on Jul 21st, I cannot have people join or see my privately hosted game. I am in a clan that privately plays coop and I am the host/mission maker so this ruins my and our Arma experience.

This broke before when Gamespy was removed, but forwarding ports solved it. Now, I am out of options as the ports are still open but it does not work.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Make a privately hosted internet game via the "new" option on the server browser.
  1. Get a lobby set up
  1. Try to have friends see your server on the browser or join via Steam.
  1. Observe the ruination of private coop for the Arma series.
Additional Information

I have the two steamworks ports forwarded as well as 2302 and 2303 (actually the whole 2300-2305 range).

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same here. Very frustrating, indeed.

Mine has been like that since the removal of Gamespy, so many are having this issue and it seems so far not much is being told to us the customers if it is something they are even trying to fix.