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Easy improvements for the Arsenal
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Right now, there is no need to confirm when you click Delete for a profile in the arsenal. Nobody is perfect and mistakes happen.
-A "Are you sure you want to delete this profile ?" confirmation before actually deleting the profile would be great !

Also, you can't sort the profiles in any way.
-Adding a "Sort by name" should be easy, and help people with a lot of profiles.

Finally, kind of the same thing :
-Allow the creation of folders that would contain the profiles.

I like creating profiles for different armies. Having something when loading/saving like "Army 1 / army1_Rifleman" instead of all the profiles in the same list would help a lot.


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Click on Delete in the arsenal. No confirmation asked.

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Maybe also ad a button for removing all the gear on the player

Yes, there is a lot of improvements to make for the Arsenal.
Some things that I didn't mention (since less important) were :
-Do not auto add attachements to weapons.
-Do not keep showing attachements when there are none (go to a profile, put an attachement on a weapon, load another profile with the same weapon but no attachement... boom! the attachement appears as if a part of the profile...)
-Do no auto add item when clicking the category (ex: auto adding Binoculars simply because I clicked on the category.)

And that's just some of the many things that could be improved.

+1, especially to being able to categorize loadouts by faction. I have multiple loadouts for each faction, and being able to categorize them would be really handy instead of sorting through a big list of loadouts.

A show load % of current equipment would also be handy.

I agree with showing the weight of the load. While it can be checked by testing the loadout, seeing the weight without having to load the VR world would be neat.

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+1! BI please listen to that feedback