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Loadouts created with Virtual Arsenal are always missing one magazine/40mm grenade/missile
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Units created with Virtual Arsenal and spawned in the editor or a Zeus scenario are always missing one magazine for all of their weapons. I think this is because the ammunition in their weapons is not saved.


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Steps To Reproduce

Create a soldier with a sidearm, the GL version of an assault rifle and an AT launcher. Make sure all of them are loaded. Give him 2 pistol mags, 2 40mm grenades, 2 rifle mags and 2 rockets/missiles. Save the loadout and either use it in the editor or a Zeus scenario. The soldier will be spawned with one pistol mag, one 40mm grenade, one rifle mag and one rocket/missile.

Additional Information

The default AT riflemen and missile specialists seem to suffer from this issue, too but it only affects their launchers.

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I don't know about mags but when I go into Arsenal, and test a loadout with a gun in the launcher, the gun will have a mag loaded but the launcher won't. This is painful if you wanna airdrop soldiers with rocket launchers, since you can't have a backpack and a parachute.

Yes, in Arsenal and Zeus the guns are loaded but not when you copy the loadout into the init field of the editor. The launcher is always empty and if you don't have a backpack with another missile it's useless. The launchers of the default AT riflemen and missile specialists are loaded but they're always missing a rocket from their backpacks.