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Allow us to create medics and engineers in Virtual Arsenal for Zeus scenarios
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Creating a medic or an engineer for the editor works fine because we can choose a class but in a Zeus scenario the loadout only needs a medkit in the backpack to heal wounded soldiers and a toolkit to repair damaged vehicles and to defuse mines. You can also carry both and be a medic and an engineer at the same time and in Zeus scenarios with custom classes only these roles aren't needed because every player can grab a medkit/toolkit and be a medic/engineer (or both) without having to spawn as one of these classes.

Therefore it would be great to have an additional tab in Virtual Arsenal named "Special Abilities" or something like that with the following options:

Repair Specialist
Explosive Specialist


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I'm pretty sure that's impossible, because the "abilities" have to be defined in the config. I might be wrong, though.

That would really be a pity. :(

I just played a Zeus scenario with a working custom medic loadout. There must be a solution to this issue but I can't get my medic to heal others with the medkit (the large black one).

Ok, I just tested several loadouts in a Zeus scenario with a friend and after reinstalling Arma 3 it worked but not as expected. In fact all soldiers created with Virtual Arsenal are medics AND engineers. All they need to heal/repair/defuse is a medkit/toolkit in their backpack.

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There are quite a few soldier classes. One of them being "B_medic_F". The units abillities are defined there, i bet. It shouldn't be too hard to make the loadout-module look at the loadout first and then decide what class to spawn, or even change the class on the fly.