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Virtual Arsenal ARCO line up problem
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I made a couple of loadouts in the VA and then exported them to a unit in the editor. Where i see a problem everytime is with RCO scopes on standard assault rifles where the bullet always hit below and to the right on targets closer to 300m (RCO standard distance). If shooting something closer than 300m the shot should land above and not under where you aim. Going to the right everytime also indicates something is wrong here.

If i remove the RCO optics and use iron sights the bullet hit where it should. Also using the short range top mounted optic on the RCO's is working properly, but not the magnified ones.

This problem is seen in the VA "TRY" as well although harder as there is nothing to test on except the "VA guys". But i noticed that they didnt go down with one shot to the head and tested in the editor. The reason was i didnt hit them in the head but in their bodies.


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Make a loadout in the VA. Make sure to use for example an MX rile with ARCO/RCO optics. Export and then open the editor. Place a unit and paste the exported loadout to its init. Test the long range optics.

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Didn't search before posting did we? This is not just a VA issue, it has been around for a few updates and happens everywhere, not just virtual arsenal. It's already been reported many many times.

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Didnt search no. Dont have much time these days. And i didnt see that problem until i made units in the VA so thats very strange, and the reason i reported.

hmm, do you use it often?
it's not a very common optic unless you play lots of OPFOR, so maybe you hadn't used it recently