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SUV excessively easy to roll - undrivable
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The SUV has become extremely prone to rolling. Driving on hilly roads causes the car to easily rise up on 2 wheels, and if this occurs during a turn the car will almost always roll extremely hard, sometimes rolling over multiple times.


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Place an SUV on a hilly road (for example, at grid 048205 on Altis) and drive at high speed. Steer carefully using the mouse or joystick for smooth input, and note that despite careful handling the car will still roll at most turns.

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The car's center of gravity seems to have moved upwards, even above the car itself.

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Yeah this is ridiculous. The BMW X6 doesn't roll that easy.

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The SUV has been hard to control since its introduction.

It wasn't great before, but now it's undrivable.

This is just getting ridiculous, I can't even make a low speed U-turn without rolling. Going around a slight turn at the speed limit causes 2 wheels to lift off the ground. It's like there's a weight attached 2 meters above the car, so every turn is deadly.

This is still a problem?? I submitted this ticket ages ago, I thought they would've improved it since then