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Guerillas assigned head- and face-wear after init script; assigning specifics in the init is broken.
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I was thinking of making a campaign from the perspective of an AAF unit that would later join the FIA, and to help characterize each of the protagonists, I decided to associate each with a particular piece of headwear. Before the Bootcamp update, I had a script that customized their equipment, including their headwear. After the update, it still worked, except that their FIA incarnations would not be wearing the headwear and goggles they previously got.


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1: Open the editor.
2: Place one or more FIA men.
3: Insert into the init box of each unit something like "this addHeadgear 'H_Milcap_dgtl'; this addGoggles 'G_Combat';", which should give him an AAF officer's cap and combat goggles, replacing whatever head- and face-wear he would normally have.
4: Preview. Note that the men do not initialize with the AAF officer's cap and combat goggles, they having been replaced with a random combination post-initialization.

Additional Information

Expected behavior: The random headwear should be assigned before the init script runs, thus allowing the mission designer to fully customize the unit's equipment.

Variant: Instead of entering raw commands into the init box, write a script that does the same thing and call it using execVM. This *sometimes* has the same result, but I haven't had this be consistently reproducible.

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this setVariable ["BIS_enableRandomization", false];

Similar thing happens during Episode 2. After the latest update, all FIA units, including Kerry, are spawned with random head- and eyegear instead of those assigned previously.