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AI units not aware of their own fatigue, crawling all over the place
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As of now it's a pain to command AI squads or watch hostile AI since they're getting exhausted when running for at least 45 seconds.
Once fatigue hits 0.6 the AI speed is getting reduced to 11km/h (ain't that a bit too much of a reduction?).

Once the fatigue value hits 0.9 the unit is only running with 7 km/h which is barely faster than walking, after a bit more than 2 minutes worth of running.

Tested with a blufor squad leader unit.

While the new fatigue system is good and all the AI doesn't seem to know that they're fatigued.

{F24325} {F24326} {F24327}


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AI Pathfinding / Motion
Steps To Reproduce

Use my repro mission, or place an AI unit in the editor, give it 4 waypoints spread around 400m in a circle and watch how the unit comes to a crawl after roughly 40 seconds in.

Additionally you could add this into the units init:
nul = [this] spawn {

_fatigueunit = _this select 0;

while {alive _fatigueunit} do {
hintsilent format ["Fatigue: %1\nSpeed: %2 km/h\nTime running: %3",getfatigue _fatigueunit,round speed _fatigueunit,time];
sleep 0.02}

Additional Information

This is breaking many missions which depended on AI movement. Not to mention that it's extremely easy to take out fatigued AI units because they simply won't take a rest until they're not fatigued because they don't know it.

At least integrate the fatigue into the AI FSMs so they'll rest when fatigued.

It would probably be more authentic to make the slowdown happen once fatigue reaches 0.8, slowly increasing the speed reduction until fatigue hits 1.
When fatigue is at 1 for at least 15 seconds then it could be reasonable to further reduce the units speed, same goes for the player.

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The problem is that the AI is not set up do deal with the fatigue system. I have noticed many times that the more heavily laden units such as AT suddenly end up straggling behind the rest of squads on long pushes and then start calling out for where you are while limping towards you at snails pace.

There are no provisions for AI be it stopping to rest or even communicating that they need to rest.