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Let Zeus place Virtual Arsenal loadouts as units
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It'd be nice to be able to spawn custom units made in the Virtual Arsenal, as Zeus. This way, you could say use your cop loadouts to fight some AI thugs that you made, as an example.


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Zeus - Feature Request
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Click Learn
  2. Virtual Arsenal
  3. Make a loadout
  4. Save
  5. Become Zeus
  6. Note you can have it as a player loadout, but not spawn AI with the loadout

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Would be great to see this feature. +1

Well, you can place an Arsenal module to edit a unit's loadout now apparently. That's a step in the direction, but it's still not as easy as designing your own unit to be reused throughout many missions with Zeus.

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I would like to see this idea taken further, and be allowed to make groups using arsenal load outs. although this can be done already, I would like a way to save the groups to use later.