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Make game launcher the default option when launching ArmA 3 through steam
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I find making it an "option" highly pointless.

There are many games out there on steam that have a launcher as default so it is possible.


  1. People will realize that the game now has a launcher.
  2. People will realize they can download mods of the steam workshop.
  3. People will realize they can configure which mods can be launched that they have downloaded from the steam workshop
  4. People will realize that
  5. And most importantly, people that set up their specific configuration through the launcher don't have to keep pressing "Open Launcher" as an option but already have it saved.


  1. None. Maybe the fact that you have to click 1 more time to get into game?


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What's gonna be the point of it? i mean, i CAN see in what it will be better, but i think the ticket its not gonna be taken seriously until you make some solid claims about why it is important to make a launcher.

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BI said the launcher isn't "ready" to be the default the default option yet. It still has some bugs.

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is it just me? or the launcher doesn't load my manual addon folder?