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You folks have taken away the reason we bought your game, no longer able to have our own game session's
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Ever since my Friends and I bought this game we have played it on steam in our own group and had a lot of fun. When the other players started making scenarios and sharing them that added a whole lot more to an already great product. Even when we would get so far and an update would come out and we would have to start over, we still enjoyed it. But if when the game first came out we were told we could not host our own server and have our group join, we would not have spent the money and bought your product. We have tried everything to be able to find each others servers and are not able to. Yesterday we played on 5 or 6 different coop servers that others had set up and we were able to all join them and play, but we still prefer the ability and option to play this game the way we prefer and for the reason we bought it. Is the game going to be fixed and allow us to do this again as we have been able to up till you removed gamespy? Or have you folks as the developers decided that the issue cannot be fixed and therefore the people that bought it to be able to play with there own group are out of luck?


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Set up a coop server, put in a password and watch as your friends are not able to find your server

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All I want is an answer one way or the other, either yes we are trying to fix it, or no tough luck, go buy another game

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The actual problem is, that it takes a lot of time, until the server of others shows up. For the time now, patience is the key.

If it doesn't show up, try to enter the ip of your friend in the server browser.

Way to be a child. Why did you even open this issue when you have an existing issue in which a dev has already given you a response?

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jesus christ, i hate BIS but your arguments are so childish....

Guys, come on. Use LogMeIn Hamachi.

I connect to my friends via the "LAN" page in multiplayer, or connect via IP.
I've never ever had connectivity issues.
It literally takes like 10 minutes to set up. And then you have a private network for free for up to 5 people at a time.