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Nonsteerable parachute seems magnetically attracted to North
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If you paradrop a unit with a nonsteerable parachute and the wind is blowing in any direction, the parachute always tries to aim back at the North, regardless of the direction set in the editor or via setDir.

If you try turning it toward the South with setDir 180, the parachute will do a backflip and aim itself back at the North.

If the wind is at 0, the parachute stays in its initial direction, but if the wind is above 0, it turns toward North at all times.


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Try this init code in the editor:

nul = [] spawn
_pos = getPosATL player;
_pos set [2, 1000];

_para = createVehicle ["NonSteerable_Parachute_F", _pos, [], 0, "NONE"];
player moveInDriver _para;
_para setDir 180;

for "_i" from 1 to 5 do

		sleep 5;
		setWind [(random 2) - 1, (random 2) - 1, true];
		sleep 5;
		_para setDir 180;
		titleText [format ["Wind = %1 km/h, %2°", ceil ((vectorMagnitude wind) * 3.6), round windDir], "PLAIN DOWN"];


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Related to this
Also happens which static guns

@Rellikplug: No, this doesn't have to do with the azimuth or setDir directly. It's not related to the editor, but rather the physics engine.

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This is yet another engine problem which exists since OFP was released.

See also:

@Xeno: Lol. If this bug is there since OFP, then the chances of having it fixed are little to none, as usual.

+1, although setting wind [0,0,true] didn't help

setWind array doesn't seem to work correctly, I had more luck actually negating the current wind, i.e. setWind [-(wind select 0), -(wind select 1), true], although even there the result is not always 0.

I just tested again, if wind is exactly [0,0,0] then the parachute stays perfectly still, however a 0.01 value is enough to make it flip over.

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