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Make it easier for Zeus to create a true Virtual Arsenal for players to access.
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Currently the only way for Zeus to give the players unlimited access to all of the gear and any custom loadouts they've made in the Virtual Arsenal is to go through the entire contents of an ammo crate and set each item to infinite one by one.

What would really be helpful is a way for Zeus to instantly set everything in the crate to infinite.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place ammo crate as Zeus.
  2. Double-click ammo crate to access it's inventory.
  3. Go through the entire list making every item have an infinite quantity.
  4. Get RSI.

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Agreed, how about a button that simply makes all items listed virtually available. Just a "select all" style button on the top left or a virtual Arsenal button near the "Clear" option.

But we also need a simple way to add virtual arsenal boxes in the 2D editor too, for non-zeus ops.

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