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Calling bis_fnc_codePerformance keeps the screen blurred after closing dialog box.
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By calling the bis_fnc_codePerformance from the debug console, closing the dialog will return you to the game, but wont remove the effect applied when in the escaped/paused menu. {F24282}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor into any map.
  2. Place a playable character and preview the mission.
  3. Open the Debug Console by pressing Escape.
  4. Input and run the following code:

"true" call bis_fnc_codePerformance;

  1. Close the dialog box containing the performance logs.
  2. Note how the screen is still blurred and has the Red/Green/Blue colour shift around the edges of the screen. This should be disabled when closing the dialog box.
Additional Information

It can be reset back to normal by pressing Escape and returning back to the game again.

Attached is a screenshot of the effect after the dialog box is closed. Some models were added to help make the effect more visible.

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