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Civilian should not react to soldiers
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When a civilian person sees a soldier their behavior changes into angry or startled and they start to run away. This makes it unpossible to create Szenarios with civilians. (especially in Zeus and you are unable to change this behavior back)


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Updated ticket, this problem isnt part of Zeus.

Fully agree, also if you put a group of civilians and one of them gets killed they should not shout man down they are civilians, not in the armed forces or emergency services. In my personal experience I've seen people call for help or an ambulance when someone is injured, not a medic.

But if they see a soldier, a mean guy with body armour and a gun, wouldn't the natural reaction be to stay away? Please forgive me if I'm wrong, I'm just not sure if I should upvote or not.
Edit: They should at least stay away from soldiers that clearly are in combat.

@RandomPlayer, its okay if they react and change their mode into aggresive and try to run away, but it should be possible to change their mode back into a friendly mode.

And another example, in Afghanistan the most civilian arent scared of soldiers.

Which side did the soldiers belong to? I did some testing (in the editor, with Zeus enabled) and the results were this:

Civilians do not run away from NATO or AAF units unless the soldiers fire weapons. I tried bumping into them, sprinting near them, raising weapon and driving into them slowly.)

Civilians run away from CSAT units, at least when the CSAT unit is near. I had my weapon lowered. (Civilians will probably run away from all OPFOR units they see.)

Civilians that have their behaviour set to "careless" ignore all soldiers, even those who fire their weapons. I was able to shoot past their faces without them switching to "combat" mode.

Civilians who are startled can be set to "relax" if you give them a waypoint in Zeus.

Keep in mind, I did not save it as a mission. (Also, I didn't test any more than 2-4 times per faction. Also, I forgot to test FIA.

(With that said, I do agree that civilians should not panic when they see soldiers walking around casually.)