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Commands/Non-Modded & Modded Weapons: No sound
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To begin I have read massive amount of reported issues,and tried some solutions related to sound difficulties. Troubleshooting from updating my soundblaster device driver, the Turtle Beach driver, and any other sound drivers as well. Reinstalled DirectX, went to steam and did verified the local game cache. What I haven't done: is removed all mods, reinstalled the game. These are kinda last ditch efforts which are all in consideration that i can think of. Now for the ISSUE: in game regardless of headphones or speakers on the laptop i am using i cannot hear commands from FTLs or Friendly gun fire sounds including explosions.
All mods are negotiable on removing, Issue noticed after CBA, Arma 3 Sync and all the French Mods.


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MODS(gathered from Armaholic): Community Base Addons, Arma 3 Sync, Virtual Ammo System, African Conflicts by Mass, GIGN/PRIMA French Special Forces, CIA_SAD, Arma 3 Alpha Units, Nato/Russian Weapons by Mass, FHQ acessories, FHQ M4A3, Player Unknowns Battle Royale, Wasteland (Altis and Stratis), R3F Armes (French Weapons), Altis Life, ASDG Joint Rails, GIGN Stratis Coop mission, othx dynamic survival sandbox stratis, Russian Spetznaz Units by Mass,
Steam Workshop Mods: CO-08 Escape Altis, [SP/COOP 1-5] Zero One Alpha, Revenge!, Operation Cold Rising I, [SP] On The Other Side - by Bauerhousebourne, Pilot AH-9 Pawnee On Missions, Losis Armory Altis, [SP/CO-05] Operation Desert Panther, The Great Altis Highway Race v1.5 , Altis Royale, (SP/COOP 2-4) Into the Fog

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Remove all mods. Not missions, just mods.