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M320 recoil is barely higher than the MX
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Try it by yourself even standing up, the M320 shots barely even touches you.


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Well it is super aerodynamic ... sometimes you can even just glide from a hill with it

what do you mean aerodynamic? M320 fires a .408 round, it should be shockingly disorienting when fired standing.
watch that video. This is a guy who is bracing against the ground so hard, he has to lean back. The rifle still kicks his entire torso backwards. The M320 should be much more unstable while standing.

Nope, the muzzlebreak softens the recoil extremely, however the thing itself is damn heavy which is why he thr guy in your video has to lean back and is also not struggling to handle the (not very immense) recoil.

Look at this, it would be very heavy if it wasn't for the muzzlebreak of course.

Yes, the muzzlebreak softens the recoil, and its weight greatly reduces its recoil.
But that weapon (type)'s recoil should not be the same as this weapon's recoil:

Agree, the problem its not just a low recoil (now i know what does the muzzlebreak does, at first i thought it was just a flash hider) but when i said it was slightly higher than an MX recoil, i meant it, you can test it in game and the push from the recoil will be almost the same, i dont need a donkey-kick in the shoulder, but with that recoil you could pick it up and use it in a town as a joke for the quickscopers and it will work because of the low recoil.

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it was a joke...

Recoil is not off...the Intervention weighs in at 26 lbs, but its weight should affect what you can carry.