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Virtual Arsenal: duplicated uniforms
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While playing around with the Virtual Arsenal, I experienced, that several uniforms (and clothes) looks equal with no difference.

Following items look alike:

-Combat Fatigues (MTP) [3rd entry], Underwear 2, Specops Fatigues (Sage) and Worn Combat Fatigues (MTP)

-Combat Fatigues (MTP)(Tee) & Underwear 3

-Combat Fatigues (AAF) [1st entry] and Combat Fatiges (AAF)(Tee) [1st entry]

-Commoner Clothes 1 (3rd and 6th entry), Commoner Clothes 2 & 3, Commoner Shorts, Surfer Outfit 1-3 and Worn Shorts 1

-Guerilla Smocks 1 [1st and 9th entry]

-Guerilla Smocks 1 [2nd, 3rd and 17th entry]

-Guerilla Smocks 1 [4th, 11th and 18th entry]

-Guerilla Smocks 1 [5th, 12th and 19th entry]

-Guerilla Smocks 1 [6th, 10th and 13th entry]

-Guerilla Smocks 1 [7th, 14th and 20th entry]

-Guerilla Smocks 1 [8th, 15th and 21st entry]

-Guerilla Smocks 1 [9th and 16th entry]

-Recon Fatigues (Black) and Recon Fatigues (Hex)

-Underwear 4 & 5


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see above

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Duplicates fixed and the pool of uniforms made consistent in both editor and Virtual arsenal.

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Please close the ticket, because the problem seems to be resolved (Why can't I close my own ticket?).