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GM6 Lynx and M320 LRR not zeroed correctly
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zeroing at long range doesn't work, iv set up some guys at 1400m and zero my sniper to 1400m, then i aim for the heads, or body and shoot, the bullet drops to early or goes to high, the zeroing doesnt work good at long range, it makes it nearly impossible to shoot at long ranges. When i put a guy at 600m and zero at 600m, it is pin point accurate.

pls fix


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Hey and thanks for the feedback!

Could you please clarify what weapon is this issue related to?

the 2 snipers (GM6 Lynx and the M320 LRR)

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Be sure you are holding your breath. Also be aware that your rounds may land slightly up and to the right of where you were aiming. This is caused by the minute imperfections from the lack of a bipod as well as being a right - handed shooter, as well as the weapon sway. Because you are right - handed (in game), there is not as much stabilisation to the right & top side of the weapon. You may have noticed that the sight picture moves up and to the right after every shot. Because of the length of the rifle and the power of the propellant, the bullet will be slightly off - target because the barrel will move slightly from the massive explosion that just occurred inside it before the bullet has time to exit (Remember that there is less resistance force on the right and top side of the barrel, so it is much more likely to move in those two directions). This tiny imperfection in the bullet's trajectory will be multiplied over such a long distance. If you don't know what I mean, get a pencil or a pen or something. Now put one end on a table and your finger on the other (Don't press down, just hold it). It's pretty stable now, right? But if you press down on one end, even the slightest movement will send the pencil flying across the table. now just imagine the table as your shoulder and the pressure as the recoil of the weapon. When you moved your finger to send the pencil flying, that was simulating imperfections of your grip on the rifle, weapon sway, or whatever else would cause the weapon to move in some direction after being fired.Two other things, though I'm not sure if they will be simulated in Arma 3 (Marksman DLC? :3), are windage and the Coreolis affect. I won't explain those, but I think you get the point.

So the lesson of this story is that the rifle isn't the problem, it's human imperfection. Yay BIS for simulating human nature :P

Sorry, I'm an engineer and love this crap.

thx man! i was thinking it was a bug, cuz i was holding my breath and the bullet wont hit wher i aimed.

have a nice day :P

oukej added a comment.Jan 30 2015, 2:30 PM

FYI the precision of zeroing was improved recently - should be in the next dev branch update.

@ oukej

Do these more precise zeroing calculations take into account the recent addition of initspeed settings for weapons, or are they only based on ballistic information from the magazine initspeed?

This needs to be looked at, M320's accuracy after 2k is now off. I was hitting at 2.6k, now it is on at 2k, and 2.1 drop is off. I thought it was the Server I was on, so I tried Vanilla, the same thing.