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Broken damage model on Helicopters
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Related to Blackfoot and Ghosthawk
(other helis aside from LB not tested)

-6.5 and 7.62 deal no dmg to mainrotors what so ever although 7.62 goes through according to tracers
-Ghosthawk cockpit is sometimes not even bullet resistant
I had tests where 6.5 mx killed the pilot on the first shot at the front glass
others where it didn't do anything after 30 shots
-6.5 miniguns deal quite significant damage on engines where 7.62 lmgs can shoot a metric ton at these and not make a dent
(eventhandler dammaged shows vital hits after 300 sometimes after almost 1000 shots 7.62 shots with 6.5 minigun after <30. The damage occurs only after the armor is broken basically, but then with values that the last 2 bullets deal all the actual dmg to kill off the engine)
7.62 miniguns on the other hand are performing somewhat like 6.5 miniguns.

This damage model is basically a boolean you either ate your threshold with no consequences and then the next 2 bullets cause all Damage there is to make

Its nice that you made the Blackfoot Cockpit and vital parts finally bullet resistant, but i have to ask myself why was this thing as susceptible as it was to small arms to begin with.

Also there is only 1 Rotorblade on the Ghosthawks tailrotor that has an actual hitbox:


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this addeventhandler ["Dammaged",{hint str _this}]
place some blackfoots and ghosthawks

place some weaponry

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Bohemia added a subscriber: oukej.Jun 30 2014, 7:12 PM

Is the issue here that the damage from small arms is inconsistent? Because unless BI is taking artistic liberty with the helicopter armor, the helicopters should be susceptible to small arms fire. Using the UH-60 Blackhawk as a modern example, small arms will rip right through the body of it.

N3croo added a subscriber: N3croo.May 7 2016, 6:51 PM

I called it broken for a reason:

Engine damage ONLY occurs after a certain threshold of x bullets did absolutely nothing on the engine: in case of 7.62 this can be from about 300 to over 1000 rounds (test was with MBT kuma range 20m)

6.5 minigun needed less then 30 shots but does damage only with last shots

mainrotor dmg was not possible to achieve, i literally emptied tanks lmgs and miniguns at them resulting in no damage

now gimme your defenition of inconsistent.
Also theres is some degree of Armor in military helicopters.

So instead of the damage happening gradually after receiving fire, it receives X amount of fire and then bam, it's damaged? Because I agree, that does sound flawed.

N3croo added a comment.Jul 1 2014, 2:07 PM

You forgot an awful lot of of Hitboxes on the Ghosthawk

Left side Cockpit missing completely
Gap between the Sliding door and Rear (also some duplicate Hits)
Sliding door windows are Missing or not doing anything ... (even unarmored glass gets hit i Recall)
Gap between Front Window and what on a car would be the B column.

If anyone starts to argue that small Arms do nothing: so much for Helicopter Armor

I tried playing delete a wy-55 hellcat, it was not possible even if struck repeatedly 10-15 times with 30 mm gun of drilling and explosives, maybe there is some problem in the armor of the helicopters, I believe that the most right is the ch 49.

N3croo added a comment.Jul 5 2014, 2:09 PM

MP-T rounds take quite some shots, but the heli is disabled and going down anyway (also try AP on helis since their TOF will be lower)

If you think that is bad try killing a hunter with 30mm canon (you literally almost run out of ammo since they gave you an ammocount for a picknick).

I also know, but flak in arma3 is not very effective as burst and it was the only thing I had available I try to editors