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Unable to to host Peer to Peer Multiplayer Games
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Since update 1.22, I am unable to host multiplayer matches peer to peer. I will host a game but will not show on the server browser of ARMA. When we trying to use the steam functions such as join game, view game info or joining the server through steam game browser. An error would appear. Different people tried hosting a game but none of us could join one another. We tried using Port Forwarding but had no success. Normal dedicated servers run fine but P2P seems to be completely broken.

Thanks for all the effort you guys have put into the game and your continued dedication to refining and shaping the game.

PS. In the previous patch (1.18), when we hosted games we would have to select gamespy servers to see our coop games. Now with that functionality removed and only "Internet" option remaining, we cant join any P2P games. Maybe the problem has been in the making for some time?


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Quite easy:

  1. Go to Multiplayer
  2. Select "New"
  3. Host game on internet by selecting "Internet" and not "LAN"

You as the host will join the server but no one else will be able to do so.

Additional Information

I did a bit of digging and found a couple of threads with the same issue, thus proving it is not only my game:

I did find others but unfortunately I only saved the one forum since some of the guys was explaining a workaround, which didnt work for me.

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Duplicate of 0018803 and issue still not resolved