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No one can connect to my server since the last ArmA update
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I host from my PC and have done with no problems since I started playing ArmA 3.
Since the last update when people connect, they see my server in the server list. They connect, get connected and immediately get disconnected.

This has happened in the past if someone didn't have the same addons as me, but we all have the same addons.

In fact we all removed the addon folders and launch options and still get the same issue.

When I removed the folders and launch options and went to expansions I have 2 copies of ArmA 3 DLC bundle and 2 copies of CBA A3 even though they don't exist. I managed to get it so it looked like the screenshot attached but no one with the same expansions could connect.

My network settings are the same and I can connect to other on line games but my friends cant connect to me and I cant connect to them. {F24163}


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I have the same issue, as do my friends. I have also attempted forwarding ports 2302-2305, 8766, and 27016 as well as setting up an echo ping response within Windows firewall but none of that has helped. When they try to connect via steam it says "No connection", and they can't host games either, it does the same thing.