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Add some customizable classes
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When playing as Zeus, Ilike to create some uusual stuff like British recon team, officers wearing bulletproof vests, etc. The problem in doing that is the time you've spent on that and I can definetly say that it takes so long to create this.
For example, creating a 4-members British recon team takes at least 15 minutes.
Could you make AI classes customizable?

The second problem about customization is about players who like to create his personal loadout. When they get killed, their 'masterpiece soldier creation' fails. Of course, they can respawn, run to his dead corpse and take the equipment then. But when the respawn point is so far away from the 'corpse position', it's looking kinda ridiculous.
Could you fix that problem?


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I can offer an easy solutions for these requests if they'll be.
AI Customization: create a Soldier with name 'Custom Soldier'. Then, when it'll be selected and set on the ground, the menu will appear.
That menu is consisting of field like 'Type', 'Uniform'(depending on side), 'Vest', 'Headgear', something about assigned items, his primary weapon, secondary weapon, type and number of items he's carrying with him just like in the editor(without init field, of course).

Equipment Saving: add a loadout 'Recent Loadout' in the 'Select loadout' menu and it will be selected when player already died.
That loadout will be consisted of all things player carried before he died.

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They said with the bootcamp Update they will add a virtual Armory so that you can create custom lodeouts and use them in Zeus mode too.