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Helmets are bullet proof
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If you shoot somebody in a head w/ a helmet on, He/She will survive.
Helmets are for covering the head from flying dirt or stones from an explosion, not a headshot protection.
But even if the helmet shoud take the bullet and dont pass though you shoud die.
Why? Physics - the kinetic energy from the bullet willbreak your neck.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have a test bunny (human)
  2. Tell the test bunny (human) to wear a helmet
  3. Take your weapon
  4. Aim at the head
  5. Shoot
  6. Look if the test bunny (human) survived

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What kind of bullets are you talking about? pistol rounds? .50 rounds? 125mm APFSDS rounds?

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Disable any mods, then try again.

Was a monkey your physics proffessor? modern combat helmets are capable of being bullet proof by moving the kinetic energy from the bullet to the whole helmet, like a bikers helmet. I have seen, several times, people that got shot in the head with guns up to .3008 and (a few times) an 7.62russian and while pretty much shaken, they were fine.

I tested the ECH helmet with a friend in the editor and even 5.56 was penetrating it.