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Wrong items adding(boxes)
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After the last update, I tried to play as Zeus. I've put the box, found some things I needed. I've started adding by clicking on the '+' button. When I've clicked on the button '+' two or three times, the system showed me only one item of that class, even though I've called two items.
That happens with everything: uniforms, vests, weapons, ammo, weapon attachments, etc.

Could you fix it?


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I think that I have no need to explain what I've explained already.

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I had the same problem after patch

During a Zeus Game Master I wanted to place some standard ammoboxes and adjust the content within. So I cleared the box and added some items (1 unit of each). Then I wanted to change the amount of some of them but for some reason I can add/subtract quantities for the first item in the list, but not the 2nd, 3rd...and so on. The count just stops at 1 and won't continue.
Also the item can not be set to 0 but goes to infinte instead. When it is set on infinite the item is deleted from the ammobox.
This wasn't a problem before the patch.
Here's a video of what happens.

Anyway, I like the 'Infinity' amount, but it should be smaller than zero in editing and larger in game )))