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Sky too bright - HDR/over exposure
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When moving normally in the ARMA verse the sky gets extremely bright. It gets bright turquoise color and the clouds have no details in them due to over exposure. When looking up a bit the ground gets very dark and you can see the cloud details. Evem dark incoming clouds look white while the sun is out.

In the alpha and early beta this was not the case.

Image 1: Normal walking around. Sky over bright.
Image 2: Looking up a bit. Sky normal.

Image 1 link:
image 2 link: {F24102} {F24103} {F24104}


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Please add a way so people can upload images instantly to their tickets.

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Just added 2 more screens (open both beside eachother). Hope this can be fixed now after the heli DLC. The bright is when you move around normally. The one with clouds looking good with detail (as it did in alpha and early beta) is after looking up for a while to activate HDR.

Im getting a headache from the constantly bright white sky even when the clouds are overcast clouds. Theres even rain with what is supposed to be dark clouds all over and its still white.

Come on BIS. You released some great updates, please fix this. In alpha and early beta the world was bright and the clouds had details looking superb. At full release the HDR (or something) became too brutal and all clouds are always bright white. All detail lost, and very annoying for the eyes.