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ForceAddUniform not working on all uniform classes
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According to my understanding of the BIKI entry

unit forceadduniform "classname";

should force the unit to wear the uniform even if their faction isn't allowed to wear it.

This does not work on some classnames of uniforms


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a simple mission
  2. Add an AI Rifleman unit from the Indepenant FIA faction
  3. Name it R1

run the following code from the INIT.sqf


                    "U_C_Commoner2_1"       ,
                    "U_C_Commoner2_2"       ,
                    "U_C_Commoner2_3"       ,
                    "U_C_Scavenger_1"       ,
                    "U_C_Scavenger_2"       ,
                    "U_C_Farmer"            ,
                    "U_C_Fisherman"         ,
                    "U_C_WorkerOveralls"    ,
                    "U_C_HunterBody_brn"    ,
                    "U_C_FishermanOveralls" ,
                    "U_C_PriestBody"        ,


     sleep 3;
     R1  forceadduniform _x;
     Player globalchat format ["Unif: %1 -- IsClass %2", _x, (IsClass(configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _x))];

}foreach _uniforms;


The unit will appear in underwear when attempting to add the uniform For each of the uniform classes listed in the _uniform array

The following civilian class uniforms all work okay


                "U_C_Poor_2"                ,
                "U_C_Poloshirt_blue"        ,
                "U_C_Poloshirt_burgundy"    ,
                "U_C_Poloshirt_stripped"    ,
                "U_C_Poloshirt_tricolour"   ,
                "U_C_Poloshirt_salmon"      ,
                "U_C_Poloshirt_redwhite"    ,
                "U_C_WorkerCoveralls"       ,
                "U_C_HunterBody_grn"        ,
                "U_C_Poor_shorts_1"         ,
Additional Information

I have only attempted to do this with the classnames listed and with that 1 Indepenandnt FIA Rifleman class

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Those uniforms do not work with civilian units either. My bet is on those uniforms being misconfigured or not finished rather than on broken command.