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Corpse and Wreck Cleanup / Delete
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Corpse and wreck cleanup functionality seem to miss certain objects such as "CraterLong" and "Ruins". This is perhaps, a feature by design, not a bug.

Accordingly, in addition to built-in corpse and wreck cleanup functionality, it is still necessary to include mission scripting to handle cleanup of:

  1. abandoned vehicles, statics and mines
  2. GroundWeaponHolder and WeaponHolderSimulated
  3. craters created by air crashes "CraterLong"
  4. ruins

Some script-created objects such as "test_EmptyObjectForFireBig" and "test_EmptyObjectForFireBig", once created, cannot be identified by allMissionObjects or entities "typename". In order to delete them, they have to be found using nearestObjects with [] in the type parameter.

Objects such as "EmptyDetector", "#destructioneffects" and "#smokesource" cannot be deleted at all and accumulates to large numbers over time.

Feature Request: Current corpse and wreck cleanup is based on limit and time. Would be nice if corpse and wreck cleanup includes a player in proximity or in view of player parameter. Despawning objects close to and in players view, affects the realism of the gameplay experience.


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Steps To Reproduce

manualCleanup = {
_cleanList = _this;
systemChat "* BEFORE CLEANUP *";

		systemChat str [_x, count allMissionObjects _x];
			deleteVehicle _x; 
			{ deleteVehicle _x; } forEach (nearestObjects [getPosASL _x,[],3]);
		} forEach allMissionObjects _x;

} forEach _cleanList;

systemChat "* AFTER CLEANUP *";
{ systemChat str [_x, count allMissionObjects _x]; } forEach _cleanList;

systemChat "* CLEANUP COMPLETE *";

] spawn manualCleanUp;

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