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lineIntersects / lineIntersectsWith commands seem to be totally broken/unreliable
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lineIntersects / lineIntersectsWith don't seem to work in most cases since they don't detect most of the objects at all and even if they do, they only do it from specific positions.

Here is a small video showcasing the issue:


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(Idea & script by Larrow)
Place two helper spheres called helper1 & helper2
Execute this:

ermagerd = [] spawn {
while {true} do {

		sleep 0.03;
		start = player modelToWorld [0,1,1.2];
		end = player modelToWorld [0,3,1.2];
		helper1 setPos start;
		helper2 setPos end;
		hintsilent str (lineIntersects [start,end,helper1,helper2]);


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Intersect commands take position ASL but you feed them normal position.

Ah, I see. I used ATLtoASL in order to convert the positions and it seems to work just well, however the positions seem to be 6m above my head. But well, it works, so thanks for the heads up, mate.

Closing as no bug.