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Close and load alternative mission - (different map) in the editor the previous loadscreen is displayed
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When switching between two missions on different maps in the editor - where both missions have custom loadscreens / overviewPictures the editor displays the wrong images and mission names in the editor during the mission load process. The mission content however seems to be loaded correctly. There appears to be an underlying caching /pathing error in the editor.


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Create a mission in the editor. Add a loadscreen via description.ext save and shift preview the mission in the editor. Make sure you see the correct name and loadscreen for the current mission. Then using the mission load icon at the top of the editor, change to a different map and load an alternative mission that has a loadscreen. The mission loads but shows the loadscreen / overviewPicture and name of the previous mission you worked on. Occasionally the loadscreen is blank but the mission name is for the previous mission you opened.

This issue obviously prompts me to question the editor synchronisation of paths and caching of mission objects. There appears to be an underlying caching /pathing error in the editor which could explain some strange anomalies I have seen whilst using the editor for the past year or so.

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