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Support module broken for artillery (virtual and unit placed). Get the same error trying to call in mor
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The Support module broken for artillery (virtual and unit placed). Get the same error trying to call in mortar on Campaign mission "Radio Silence"
For virtual Mortar get 2 entries in the available support
both gives this error
'..._roundsLeft + (_x select 1)};
}forEach I#I_curAmmo;
]forEach _batteries;

Error Undefined variable in expression: _curammo
File A3\modules_f\supports\procedures\calculateAmmo.sqf, line 29

For sandstorm and scorcher doesn't return an error message - the virtual support will appear but fire mission will not occur.

For placed arti supports you get the same


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Steps To Reproduce

Go into editor
place unit
place support requester module and sync
place support provider module (virtual or as a placed unit (mortar, scorcher, sandstorm for NATO) and sync
Preview and attempt to call arti support

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It's been broken for me for a week or two at least, I get various errors.

They definitely made some stealth changes to artillery, no idea to what extend.
If you hop into the SPA pieces the bearing indicator is stuck at 15, while in the mortar it's working just fine.
Also the doArtilleryFire/commandArtilleryFire seem to be less reliable now (guns will turn into the right direction, rubber band a bit and then swerve back without firing a single round)

probably related: