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helicopter rotor blades
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If the Helicopter has a specific height, and your see a helicopter on the ground, you just the helicopter and not the rotor blades.

(I just saw this in MP, not sure for SP)


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You are on the ground and watching into the air on a helicopter which is flying over or just starting. Look at the helicopter and you cant see after a specific height the rotor blades.

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I wonder what they were thinking when they didn't add rotor blades to the distant LODs.

Also there seems to be some issues with heli LODs and all LODs in general, for instance:

There is an helicopter far away, with its far LOD
The helicopter gets closee, still a bit far, but it doesn't switch to its mid LOD
BUT once you zoom in, the heli switches to the LOD that it should be using, and stays even after zooming out. It's like the LOD doesn't switch until you zoom in, or unless the heli gets real close. I noticed this at the end of the combined arms showcase.