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Publishing mission on workshop doesn't work
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When i try to publish a mission, i get "Process failed. Operation timed out" message after like 3 seconds of progress bar loading.

I disabled my firewall, my antivirus, i checked PC for any viruses / worms. I googled if the problem is somewhere resolved, but had no luck (only 3 topics, with no solution). I am using Steam Client Beta (as was stated in one advice for fixing this problem), it still doesn't work. I googled for Steam port list and enabled all of them in my router, but still it doesn't work. I don't know what else I can do, so I created this issue.

RPT log file says only:
Error during mission upload to steam. Error code: 16 - Operation timed out.

It worked for me before, because I have already missions in my steam workshop, but suddenly, it just doesn't let me upload anything (and even delete existing through ingame dialog).


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