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Past Week the game-packaged server only becomes visable on GameSpy
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 Since a few days now, like we  received a hotfix last enhancements mayB,
my server launch from ArmA 3  is not visable in multiplayer game list,  but is visable in GameSpy. Also is visable in LAN and operates as a server ie receives admin loggons and changes mission.  This is very recent.
  I tried some forum help and installed a  steam  CMD and tried to verify the 
application,  it didn't  work,  It didn't get worse,, and I tried to install the server from STEAM  "tools". and launching that gets me a notepad not about

how to install with steam CMD. (doesn't mention needing any change with launch option. Strange that it would appear in GameSpy,


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Dedicated Server
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Launch ded server and join mp  lobby,  look for server by name.
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How would I complete an uninstall, if I wanted to reinstall? Sometimes I think my computer saves my old files and reuses them.  (mayB reinstall Steam same manners)

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Anything you could do here would be great
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"look for server by name", then wait 10 minutes. This is how it is supposed to work now.