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Respawns sometimes ignore loadouts selected
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Sometimes while playing any one of the Master Altis missions, as a player, it will sometimes ignore the selected loadout from the respawn menu and spawn the player as a rifleman. Also, sometimes it completely skips the respawn menu and automatically selects a respawn point (often unfortunately one left in the middle of nowhere) and spawns the player as a rifleman, leaving him alone to get back to the objective unless Zeus lends a hand.


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Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play one of the Zeus Game Master missions.
  2. Die and go to respawn menu (or not, depending on whether or not it skips)
  3. Choose a loadout besides rifleman
  4. See if you may or may not end up as a rifleman anyway
Additional Information

Often, when switching between the respawn point and loadout menus, a loadout will have a respawn point icon and vice versa.

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