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Grenade launcher sight zeroing wrong for rifles other than MX.
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Grenade launcher sight is not correctly calibrated for rifles other than MX rifle.


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-Place CSAT grenadier
-Place target 100 meters away
-Set grenade launcher zeroing for 100 meters.
-Notice that grenade drops about 28 meters closer than it should.

-Then place a BLUEFOR grenadier with MX GL rifle.
-Do the same thing and notice that MX rifle's GL sight is correctly calibrated.

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Why still not assigned?

Its a major issue!

It's not a major issue. Major issues are crashes and game breaking bugs. It's a significant issue, but the sad fact is game development takes time. I trust BI will fix this in time.

Its issue since long time.

Crashes are not more important because crashes are often addon related or mission related while here we have issue that makes non BLUEFOR grenadiers useless.

I won't argue with you, but look at it from a developer standpoint. It's not game breaking, just a bug in a feature. However I agree with you that it is a large issue from a player's perspective. Just trying to raise awareness to the fact that issue priority is very different for developers than it is for us.