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"enableSimulation true" not working for sector modules.
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I created the sector control module from game modes, added 3 sectors named flag1, flag2 and flag3. I added a game logic area to all of them, synced to a trigger. All the basics. On the other side, I created a trigger that would go off at mission start, with the following OnAct:

flag2 enableSimulation false;

I then added the following code into flag1's expression field.
if ((_this select 1) == west) then {(_this select 0) enableSimulation false}; flag2 enableSimulation true}

This code should have disabled flag1 for capping once Blufor capped it, but allowed flag2 to be active again.

However, when doing so, the trigger launches at the start, disabling flag2. I capture flag1 as blufor, and the icon for flag2 appears again, as if it is active, while still being greyed out on the map. When entering the zone, the cap doesn't move. {F23962}


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Steps To Reproduce

Create basic sector control gamemode and add 2+ sectors with their connected modules and game logic.

Use enableSimulation to disable one of the sectors at the start.

Add the following code, or similar, into the expression field of the other sector.
if ((_this select 1) == west) then {(_this select 0) enableSimulation false}; flag2 enableSimulation true}

Capture the other sector.

Additional Information

For all I know, it might have been my code that is bugging out, but I do believe it has something to do with the module.

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I've no idea what your trying to do but this line has a syntax error

if ((_this select 1) == west) then {(_this select 0) enableSimulation false}; flag2 enableSimulation true}

There are too many brackets }

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Oh right, it's not like that in the actual mission, just me screwing up when writing this.

I'm trying to make the sector module in the game to be a built-in lightweight AAS/Blitzkrieg module, where you have to capture sectors in a specific order, and unable to capture other sectors unless you have one of the sectors next to it.

I have the same problem. It seems like once disable, it cannot be re-enabled in any way whatsoever, making it impossible to use these modules for "AAS" style games.

So my community just spent a long time working on this, and we figured out if you want to create an AAS system using the vanilla Sectors... you have to use "enableSimulation false" on the area triggers, not the sectors themselves.

So for instance, name the trigger attached to your area logic as "flag2" and then use "flag2 enableSimulation false" on that. It won't show as disabled on the map, but it'll achieve the effect you're looking for.