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Keep getting connection failed error
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When entering the multiplayer steam browser the server doesnt show up on the browser list under the hostname, but does show up as Another hosted Server. It displays the mission as ARMA 3 and with a ping over 200.

I have tried to connect to the server via remote but all that I can do, is get the server name up in the gamespy browser and not the steam browser. However I still get the connection failed error. Have not been able to access our ARMA 3 server for 3 days now. {F23930}


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I repeated the steps above. Run Arma 3, selected Play/Multiplayer steam browser came up no server listed, tried to connect to server via remote, did not show the server, under the hostname, but under Another hosted server with mission set to ARMA 3.

Additional Information

In gamespy the server show up, via remote connection but when joining is hangs on the loading map, and does nothing else.

files zipped.

Screen shot of connection failed message,
Server.cfg file
Dxdiag file
Graphics Card system informations.

Also a support ticket has been put in with

Have not been able to access or play ARMA 3 on our server for almost 3 days now.

Arma 3 had be re-installed on the server after a full wipe, and still the same issue.

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Hello, is the server on public IP or is it behind the NAT? Servers don't show up on Steam if they can't be accessed by the Steam servers directly. Also the message could mean the connection is not correctly redirected to the server and client can't reach the server.

Hi George, the server is public I believe, as we hired it from Not sure hot to determine if the the ip address is behind the NAT. However in the server.cfg script the hostname Oceanic Multi Gamers Arma 3 Server, appears on the server list with gamespy, but not on steam browser, but we just cannot get into the game, it just hangs in both, but accessing it using remote, then we can get to play on the server. Been on the forums trying to get help with this issue, with not much luck.

It been several weeks now, and we cannot get onto our server to play Arma 3, the issue still remains. Tried changing the profile using the -profile as suggested on the forums, but with no luck. Can access the server via remote only. Our ip address to the server is port 2322. profile is correctly set to -profiles=C:\games\173_199_80_71_2322\984101\arma3\config -config=server.cfg -port=2322 -IP= -world=empty -gtqueryport=9014. This was given to us when the server was set up, and we did re-install arma 3 on our server. We have put in another support ticket with, but still having no luck. Other attemps was: -profiles=C:\games\173_199_80_71_2322\984101\arma3. I was told that this will load in the list of missions in the MPMisson folder. but no luck with that either. So we just reverted back to the profile that was set up when we reinstalled the server. Really need a solution, so that our members can play on our server, otherwise our members will abandon Arma 3 altogether.

Hello, it looks like your server is not visible for Steam (Steam master servers can't reach it) and that is why it's removed by Steam from the list of all available servers. You can setup the Steam port (parameter steamQueryPort, default value 27016) and make sure this port is open and redirected to your machine.