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Cannot use "B_Respawn_TentA_F" tent for respawn when playing as AAF
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PvP mission - BLUFOR vs OPFOR vs AFF (AAF are friendly to nobody).

All three sides have some "B_Respawn_TentA_F" tents available to deploy as backpacks.

When playing as BLUFOR or OPFOR, player *can* deploy tent, die, and respawn at deployed tent.

When playing as AAF, player *cannot* use deployed tent as a respawn point.

(AAF player can: take tent (as backpack); deploy tent; see message that there's a new respawn point available; see respawn marker on the map...but...when player dies, no deployed tent is available as a respawn option that can be clicked on with mouse [can see black "respawn point" marker on map, but it is not surrounded by green broken-circle respawn marker, nor shown in list of available respawn locations])


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Create a small MP mission with BLUFOR, OPFOR and AAF solders
  • Provide all access to "B_Respawn_TentA_F" tents (and perhaps also marker-based "respawn_west", "respawn_east" and "respawn_gurella" locations as a 'safety-net' respawn point)
  • Play as each side, deploy tents and then kill yourself/respawn
  • BLUFOR/OPFOR can use tents as respawn locations - AAF cannot.
Additional Information
  • have only tested as a MP mission (i.e. exported from the editor) on local PC (not on a dedicated server).
    • please find .pbo of mission attached

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Bohemia added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2014, 2:17 PM

Also appears to apply to "B_Respawn_TentDome_F" tents.

same apllied to the sleeping bag (last time i checked). seems that the devs have just forgotten to make it compatible to greenfor. should not be much work to fix!

what about "Respawn_TentA_F"?

i thought that the prefix "B" would just distinguish between the tent and the backpack before you place the tent.
i might be wrong though. unfortunately i can't test it, because i don't know how to spawn objects by classname:-\

the tents available in the editor however, didn't work for greenfor, the last time i checked.

"Respawn_TentA_F" createVehicle position player

Yeah but it could be the same object, just backpack

Ovenmit added a subscriber: Ovenmit.May 7 2016, 6:34 PM

Confirming this issue. Placing either tent manually with "Respawn_TentA_F" createVehicle position player" doesnt work either.