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New Jet Ejection Is An Easy Work Around for How It Should Be
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The last time i checked, Pilots don't simply get pushed up out of their jets and get to choose when their parachutes open. There is something called an Ejection seat designed for this purpose, because being launched out of a jet is the only way to do it at those speeds, and safely. I see the new script as a lazy work around for how it should be done. Why is this a big deal? Because now you can Battlefield Style eject and it just feels, and looks silly, and it BREAKS the immersion of Arma 3. I know it can be done, just take the time and make a proper ejection system. It had been done in Arma 2, so it can be done in Arma 3.


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Spawn jet, fly around, than eject, and pull chute a decent amount of height over the ground for a quick and easy Battlefield style insertion.

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Example and Encouragement for the correct way this system should be done. <<<

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somewhat related to my issue here: 18506 discussing how ejection, whether done properly or not, is practically useless.

so... your only complaint is that the parachute open on will? in A2, granted, they opened depending on wich parachute you were using, but you have to talk aboug what else if you plan to make a ticket out of it.

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I think he is complaining about the entire system - IE they way you leave the aircraft and how the parachute handles

What he is asking for is an Ejection seat ( or at least an animation that resembles an ejection seat)

and for the parachute to open automatically

but I think it should be a feature request not a bug

as it stands , that's the way the system was designed , what you are asking is to change the design not because its not working but because it doesn't resemble your take (and myn) of how an ejection from an aircraft should be handled

that's a feature request

I see it as more or so, Half/Half. As it is a feature request, but at the same time, it's half in the game. The jets have seats. However, when you eject, you fly up and out, as if you were shot out of a cannon. What needs to be done, is much like the video shows. The cockpit is animated, so with an eject, it shouldn't be hard to have the cockpit break away, you are jetted out WITH the seat, and your chute opens automatically at a set time after your out of the cockpit.

even on OFP the player was "ejected"

but i think you want something more like the F-18 addon for arma 2, in wich you are ejected after a few secodns with the seat and then in the fall you drop it as you fall