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Radar Range of AA vehicle
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The radar range of all AA vehicles is too small. Jets can easily take out AA vehicles so they have no real enemy on the battlefield.
I'd suggest to increase the radar range of the AA vehicles so they can see the incoming jets, instead of being surprised, because the jet got a larger radar range then the AA vehicle.


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Increase your view distance. Voila, more range.

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The view distance has nothing to do with the radar distance.

If you have distance at 2km then you won't spot a thing in the air + lock range is also limited by view distance. Radar in amra does not work like a real radar (360 degrees scan) it depends totally if a unit visually spots the aircraft (thus view distance), aircrafts don't automatically show up on radar within a range, but only when it has been actively spotted.

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to work like this.

Well I have a view distance of 5,5km all the time.
And maybe you are right. But then how does the radar in jets work?

I think I misunderstood you after reading it again now, sorry. You mean purely the actual HUD display on your screen and visible range of the 'dots'. I also thought you meant the range AI can spot/detect other AI (cos thats determined by viewdistance).

You are right thus :)

Once you set your viewdistance above 2km the AA vehicles lock/spot/engagement range does not increase anymore, while those of other units do increase further.