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Buggy AI after JoinGroup
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Whenever I use JoinGroup in a mission with civils they show buggy behavior, don't listen to all commands, don't dynamically change stances according to alert state and sometimes completely bug out and don't stay in formation anymore. They even do the moonwalk and walk backwards. And in general the are lifeless and don't perform any idle animations.

I made a little test mission and a video to show some of the issues, but in long mission the buggy behavior really starts to show.

Most noticable in the video/test mission is the constant twitching of the AI, they keep trying to walk and turn while staying on the same spot. It shows that they don't react on changing alert status, in stealth or danger mode they don't go crouch or prone by themselfs, they only stand unless you give the order to crouch etc.

Further, I you switch to a unit without having given a 'stop' command other AI will start to follow nr2 (in this case Nr4 starts to follow nr2 after switching) in the AI team instead of staying with the leader (player unit).

Last part of the video 1 AI decided to go in a building and get bugged out completely. It won't stay in formation anymore nor listen to commands. Only after switching to the unit and back to leader character it will start to move to formation again. {F23759}


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All civil units. Player unit has been set to independend side with a grouped independent unit that has been set to 'pressence false', the old arma2 way of setting different side for civils. (so the joining AI will become (green) independend side too)

Placed 3 ungrouped AI units with a trigger 'joingroup and setplayable'. After they are all in the group they start to show this buggy behavior. Test mission included.

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Soo... any progress on fixing it yet? It's been quite some time since I reported this.