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Medic path planning inefficiencies.
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When calling for a medic, the medic immediately moves to the location where the player gave the heal command, regardless of whether or not the player is actually there. After the medic reaches the position where the command was given, he then starts to search for the player, and eventually heals the player. This is an inefficient way for medics to behave because they have to do more movement and "thinking" instead of making a beeline to the player. It also leads to many medics getting killed. Imagine this scenario: When the player, being injured, calls for a medic after being shot, he/she moves to cover while the medic runs into the open where you were just shot and gets himself killed, instead of moving directly to the cover you are behind.


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AI Pathfinding / Motion
Steps To Reproduce

Play as a group leader with a combat life saver in your group.

Do something to hurt yourself (grenade to the feet, enemy player shooting you, jumping off a roof etc.)

Command the combat life saver to treat you.

Immediately change positions.

Watch as the medic runs to where you gave the command and not to where you are.

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