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Diving controls don't work when remote controlling diver or SDV in ZEUS
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While diving you can dive up and down by looking down or up and holding W and moving in that direction, just like the Field Manual states. Pointing down makes you dive and pointing up makes you ascend etc.

However, this does not work when remote controlling a unit in Zeus mode. Holding W only makes you swim forward, it completely ignores the direction you are pointing with the mouse.

EDIT: The SDV is also affected by the same bug. However, unlike infantry diving it is impossible to make the SDV dive when remote controlling it in Zeus. Z/X do not work at all.


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Steps To Reproduce


  1. Play the SCUBA showcase and observe you can dive and ascend by pointing the mouse up or down and holding W.
  2. Start a game of Zeus Game Master, create a diver and remote control him.
  3. Swim in water and observe you cannot dive or ascend by holding W and looking in the direction


  1. Create an SDV in the editor
  2. Commandeer the SDV, use Z and X to control your depth
  3. Start a game of Zeus Game Master, create an SDV and remote control it, observe you cannot control the depth with Z or X.

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Experienced the same issue here

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