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Radar Guided Missiles Affected by Flares
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The Radar Guided Missiles (Used in Mobile AA, AA fighters) are currently affected by IR flares. Radar Guided Missiles are guided by radar, and IR flares present little to no target for them. This is the purpose of Chaff. My suggestion would be to have 2 different countermeasure types, chaff and flares. You would switch between them with Ctrl+G or whatever key you have set for this purpose. Chaff would typically be in the jets, because helicopters fly low and are usually using radar evading tactics if necessary. Some helicopters may have chaff depending on the capabilities of the aircraft. Having this feature would capitalize on taking out AA sites and would make avoiding missiles more fun and involved instead of just spamming G. Helicopters or aircraft without chaff would also have to be more aware of their surroundings and any AA sites, because if you're caught at altitude with nowhere to run you're screwed. {F23717}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have an aircraft with flares fly near any long-range, radar-guided missile launching capable device.
  1. Acquire a lock, and fire the radar guided missile.
  1. When the aircraft deploys flares, go into 'Splendid Camera'.
  1. Move the camera up close to the flares. Do you see chaff?
  1. Make time go at about .25 the normal speed, and see how the missile targets the IR flares.

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Or they could just give chaff to both planes and helicopters. How about that?

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I agree with AD2001. His proposed solution is easier/better.

yeah I still don't really know what the "countermeasures mode" keybind does...
and AD2001 has probably the best fix we're likely to see. just add some chaff to the flares. I think getting BI to implement realistic AA missiles would be a complete clusterfuck.
In a game like this, it also wouldn't be very fun (for example, because heatseaking missiles are guided passively, the target has no way of detecting them unless it takes the A-10C approach and watches for the smoke trail. makes getting hit by one a hell of a surprise).

@the_Demongod Incorrect on aircraft not seeing missile launches. Standard equipment on all modern rotary aircraft (what I'm familiar with, I don't know fixed wing tech) includes missile warning systems that can ID a specific weapon launch by its UV plume from the missile launch. It is even able to ID the specific missile fired based on that specific plume and trigger proper flare dispersion pattern. Current tech has said missile direction locked down to a 3 degree FOV.

Okay, I was mistaken then
Most of my experience comes from DCS A-10 so all you know is whether or not a missile is launched, and approximately where the launch came from (within approximately 30 degrees).